Creating Appointments

7.4.1. Creating new appointments

How to create a new appointment:

  1. Open a calendar in the folder view.

    Note: Open a calendar for which you have the appropriate permissions to create appointments.

  2. Click on New in the toolbar.

    If selecting a shared calendar, you are asked where to create the appointment:

    • If you create the appointment on behalf of the owner, the appointment is created in the owner's shared calendar.

    • If you invite the owner to the appointment though, the appointment is saved in your calendar.

  3. Enter a subject. If required, enter the location.

    Tip: You can enter a web address in the subject or location. If displaying the appointment, the web address is clickable.

  4. To set an appointment's start and end time, use the following options below Start date and Ends on.

    • Click on a date. The date picker opens. Enter a date or select a date in the date picker.

      For all day appointments, activate All day.

    • Click on a time. Enter the time or select a time from the list.

    • You can set the timezone for the start or end time by clicking on the timezone button next to a time. You can set different timezones for the start and end time.

  5. You can enter a description.

    If you want to create the appointment in another calendar, click on the calendar name below Calendar. Select a calendar.

  6. Click on Create.


Example: How can I organize another person's appointments as a representative?

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