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Sharing Data

10.2.2. Inviting to a shared item

In order to share data with specific persons with read or edit access, you can invite internal users or external partners to a shared item. The users will receive an E-Mail invitation. If an external partner accesses the share, the partner will automatically be logged in as guest user.

The following options exist:

When sharing items, internal users or external partners are granted certain permissions for the shared data.

Note the following:

How to invite internal users or external partners to a share:

  1. Select the app that should be used for sharing data.

    Select a folder in the folder view.

    Note: Select a folder for which you have the permission to share. Depending on the app, some folders can not be shared.

    In the Drive, you can also select a folder or file in the display area.

  2. Click the Actions iconnext to the folder name. Click on Permissions / Invite people.

    In the Drive app, you can also use one of the following methods:

    • Click the Share icon in the toolbar. Click on Create sharing link.

    • Select Create sharing link from the context menu.

    The window for adjusting the permissions opens.

  3. Enter a name or an E-Mail address in Add people. Tips:

    • While entering the recipients, matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, click on it.

    • To select contacts from a list, click the Address bookicon on the right side of the input field.

    The selection will be added to the list as internal user, group or guest. Preset permissions are granted.

    If required, enter a message.

  4. To edit the permissions, you have the following options:

    • To adjust a user role, click on the entry in Current role. Select an entry from the menu.

    • To adjust the permission details, click on the entry in Detailed access rights. Select a permission from the menu.

    • In order to remove a permission, click the Action icon next to the name. Click on Revoke access.

  5. If no E-Mail notifications about the shared item are to be sent, disable Send notifications.

    Note: The checkbox can not be enabled when inviting external partners to a shared item.

  6. If you share a folder in the Drive app, you can transfer the folder's permissions to all existing or newly created subfolders of this folder. To do so, enable Apply to all subfolders.

  7. Click on Save.

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