Accessing Files with WebDAV

9.8.2. Setting up WebDAV under Windows 7

How to set up WebDAV access under Windows 7:

Prerequisite: The registry key BasicAuthLevel has to be set to 2 in the Windows registry database. Further information can be found in the Microsoft articles and

Note: Depending on the Windows 7 setup, there can be delays when accessing WebDAV folders. If this is the case, follow the instructions in this article:

  1. In the navigation area of the Windows Explorer select the entry Computer.

  2. In the icon bar click on Connect drive. The Connect drive window opens.

  3. Click on Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents. The Add network address window opens. Click on Next.

  4. Select Select custom network address. Click on Next.

  5. In the Add network path dialog window enter the following address: https://<address>/servlet/webdav.infostore where <address> needs to be replaced by the Groupware server's ip address or url. Click on Next.

  6. Enter your username and password for accessing the Groupware Server. Click on OK.

  7. On the next page you can assign a name to the network address. Click on Next.

  8. Click on Finish.

Result: Below Computeryou can access your Drive app files.

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