Sending E-Mails

5.4.9. Automatically forwarding E-Mails

You can let E-Mails be automatically forwarded to another address.

How to automatically forward E-Mails:

  1. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click the Settings menu item.

  2. Select the entry E-Mail in the sidebar.

    Click on Auto forward ... in the display area. The Auto forward window opens.

  3. To activate the auto forwarding, click the icon on the upper left side.

    Enter the E-Mail address to which you want to forward the messages.

    In order to keep a copy of the E-Mail, enable Keep a copy of the message.

    The auto forwarding is entered as E-Mail filter. If additional filter rules are to be applied after the auto forwarding, enable Process subsequent rules. You can also edit the auto forwarding in the E-Mail filter settings.

  4. Click on Apply changes.

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