Sending E-Mails

5.4.11. Sending a vacation notice automatically

A vacation notice informs the sender of an E-Mail that you will not retrieve your E-Mails for a specific period of time. You can set the following:

How to create and activate a vacation notice:

  1. Click on View in the toolbar. Click on Vacation notice at the bottom.

    You can also use the Vacation notice button in the E-Mail settings.

    The Vacation notice window opens.

  2. Enable the checkbox on the upper left side.

  3. To define the time range for sending the vacation notice, enable Send vacation notice during this time only. Set the start and end date.

    Note: Depending on the configuration, this setting might not be available.

  4. Enter a subject and a text for the vacation notice.

  5. In order to display all options, click on Show advanced options.

    • You can specify an interval for sending a vacation notice if there are several E-Mails from the same sender.

    • You can specify the sender address to be used for sending the vacation notice.

    • The vacation notice will be sent if messages are reaching your primary E-Mail address. You can also activate a vacation notice if messages are reaching your other E-Mail addresses.

  6. Click on Apply changes.

If a vacation notice is active, the following is displayed:

Tip: The vacation notice is entered as E-Mail filter. You can also edit the vacation notice in the E-Mail filter settings.

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