Encrypting Data with Guard

Guard Settings

12.7.3. Managing public keys

On the Guard security settings page, you can:

How to show public keys:

  1. Enable the Show advanced settings checkbox below Advanced.

    Click on Public keys of recipients below Keys. The Puplic Keys window opens.

    The public keys shared by you or other users are displayed. If a user's public key is displayed in this list, you can send an encrypted email to this user and verify signed emails that have been sent to you by this user.

  2. To display details for a key, click the Details icon next to a key. The Public Keys Detail window opens.

    You can share public keys by enabling Share key. Other users can view and download your shared keys. Public keys are only available for groupware users.

How to upload a recipient's public key in the Public Keys window:

  • Click the Add icon next to PGP Public Key List. Select a file containing a public key.

How to delete a public key in the Public Keys window:

  • Click the Delete icon next to a public key.

    Confirm that you want to delete the public key.

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