6.10. Searching for Appointments

Learn how to search for appointments:

You can use just one option or several options in any combination. All calendars will be searched.

How to search for appointments:

  1. Enter a search term in the search field in the menu bar.

    The search menu opens. It shows filters for data that can be searched for the search term.

  2. Define the data to be searched:

    • To search in the title and location, press enter.

      Data that contain the search term will be searched for.

    • In order to only search in specific data, click on the respective filter in the search menu.

    • If participants match the search term, those participants will be suggested below the search field. To search for appointments that contain one of those contacts as participant, click on the contact.

  3. You can use further filters by clicking the More search options icon in the search field. A window with search options opens.

    • To search for appointments with specific features, enter a search term in at least one input field.

    • To limit the search to appointments within a specific time frame, use After and Before.

    Click on Search.

The search results will be displayed in the list view.

The filters used are displayed below the search window. The following options exist:

  • You can add filters and start a new search by clicking the More search options icon in the search field.

  • You can remove a filter and start a new search by clicking the Remove filter icon next to the filter.

In order to finish the search, click the Cancel search icon in the search field.

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