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Adding Address Books

6.7.2. Subscribing to external address books

To use your Google contacts or contacts from social networks within the groupware, you can subscribe to your external address books. The following applies:

How to subscribe to external address books:

  1. In the folder view, click on Subscribe to address book. The Subscribe to address book window opens.

  2. Click one of the icons. Depending on the data source, the further procedure varies.

    • For some data sources, a new browser window opens. Log in with your credentials to grant access to the address data.

    • If the provider asks you for the permission to access the data, grant this permission.

    • For some data sources, you have to enter your credentials for the data source in the Subscribe to address book window.

Tip: An address book with subscribed contacts is marked with the Subscribed icon . If clicking the icon, the subscriptions settings are opened.

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