Viewing Files

9.2.1. Displaying a file's content

The following options exist:

The contents will be displayed in the viewer.

How to display a file's content:

  1. Open a folder containing files.

  2. To select a view for the objects, right-click on a free area in the display area. Select an entry below Layout in the context menu. To display checkboxes for selecting files, enable Checkboxes.

    To change the sorting, click on Sort by in the navigation bar.

    To filter by specific object types, to select all files or to clear the selection, click on Select in the navigation bar.

  3. In order to display details of a selected file, click the Settings icon in the menu bar. Enable File details.

  4. Use one of the following methods:

    • Double-click on a file in the display area.

    • Select one or several files in the display area. Click the View icon in the toolbar.

    • Select View from the context menu.

    To display details for the selected file, enable the Show details icon .

    In order to open the previous or next file, click the Back or Next icon next to the view.

Depending on the file type, different functions can be available:

User interface:

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