First Steps

2.6. Usage on Mobile Devices

You can also utilize the groupware on your Android or iOS mobile device. Compared to the usage on a computer, there are the following differences:

How to launch the groupware on a mobile device:

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. Enter the server address in the address bar. The login page will be displayed.

    Enter your username and your password. Note that they are case-sensitive.

  3. To save your credentials locally, enable Stay signed in.

  4. Tap on Sign in.

    If you set up two-factor authentication, an additional page is displayed. Enter the authentication data on this page.

Tip: To simplify future logins, launch the groupware and create a desktop shortcut.

To do so, open your browser's system menu. Select Add to home screen.

If you launch the groupware by tapping the icon, the browser's address bar will not be displayed. This saves space for the groupware interface.

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