Encrypting Data with Guard

Encrypting or Decrypting Files

12.3.2. Creating new encrypted files

You can create a new encrypted file by uploading a local file with encryption.

How to create a new encrypted file:

  1. In the Drive app, open a folder in the folder view.

    Note: Open a folder for which you have the appropriate permissions to create objects.

  2. Click on New in the toolbar. Click on Add and encrypt local file.

  3. Select one or several files in the Upload file window.

    Click on Open. The display area shows the current progress status.

    In order to cancel the process, click on File Details at the bottom right side of the display area. Click on Cancel next to a file name in the Upload progress window.

Tip: You can also create a new encrypted file by dragging a file from your operating system's desktop to the Drive app window and drop it in the bottom part.

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