Encrypting Data with Guard

12.1. Setting up Guard

Prior to be able to use Guard, you have to apply some basic settings:

There are two options for making the basic settings:

How to define the basic settings when initially using an encryption function:

  1. Enable the encryption function when composing an E-Mail, encrypting a file or uploading a new file by clicking on the Encrypt icon .

  2. You consecutively will be asked to enter a Guard security password and a secondary E-Mail address. Enter the data.

How to define the basic settings before initially using an encryption:

  1. Click the System menu iconon the right side of the menu bar. Click the Settings menu item.

  2. Select Security in the sidebar. Click on Guard Security.

    When initially opening the Guard security settings, the Guard Create Security Keys window opens.

  3. In the Password field, enter the password that you want to use for encrypting your data.

    Confirm the password in the Verify field by entering it again.

  4. In the Enter new secondary email field, enter the E-Mail address that is used for receiving a temporary password for resetting your Guard security password.

  5. Click on OK.

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