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Setting an appointment's display

You have the following options:

How to set the appointment's display in the appointment editing window:

  1. If you do not want the appointment to conflict with overlapping appointments, enable Show as free.

  2. By default, an appointment gets the color of its calendar. In order to set an individual color for the appointment, click on Appointment color. Select a color field.

  3. In a shared calendar, you can use Visibility to define the calendar's visibility for other users who are no participants.

    • In the default setting Standard, the appointment is visible to all users who have the permission to see the calendar.

    • If only the appointment date should be visible for other users but not the subject or other appointment data, select Private. Private appointments are marked with the Private icon .

    • If the appointment is to be invisible for other users, select Secret from the drop-down. Secret appointments are marked with the Secret icon .

      Secret appointments do not conflict with other appointments. They are not displayed in the scheduling view.

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