Creating Appointments

6.4.5. Setting an appointment's display

The following options exist:

How to set the appointment's display in the appointment editing window:

  1. If there should be no conflict with overlapping appointments, enable Show as free.

  2. In order to set an individual color for the appointment, click on Appointment color. Select a color field. If clicking on Use calendar color, the appointment gets the color if its calendar.

  3. In a shared calendar, you can use Visibility to define the calendar's visibility for other users who are no participants.

    • In the default setting Standard, the appointment is visible to all users who have the permission to see the calendar.

    • If only the appointment date should be visible for other users but not the subject or other appointment data, select Private. Private appointments are marked with the Private icon .

    • If the appointment is to be invisible for other users, select Secret from the drop-down. Private appointments are marked with the Private icon .

      Secret appointments do not conflict with other appointments. The are no displayed in the scheduling view.

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