7.5. Answering appointment invitations

If a user or an external partner adds you to the appointment recipients, you will receive at least one of the following notifications:

You can accept, temporarily accept or refuse your participation in the appointment. You can always change your appointment confirmation status later.

How to answer an appointment invitation in the notification area:

  1. Click the Notifications iconin the menu bar. The Notification area is displayed.

  2. To display the suggested appointment in the calendar, click on Open in calendar.

    To answer the appointment invitation, click on Accept/Decline below the invitation.

  3. Enter a comment in the Change confirmation status window. Click on one of the buttons Decline, Tentative or Accept.

Tip: You can accept the appointment directly within the notification area by clicking on the Accept invitation button.

How to answer an appointment invitation in an E-Mail invitation:

  1. Open an E-Mail with an appointment invitation in the E-Mail application.

  2. Enter a comment below This email contains an appointment in the detail view. Click on one of the buttons Accept, Tentative or Decline.

Note: In the calendar settings you can define whether the invitation mail is automatically deleted when accepting or declining an appointment.

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