Managing Appointments

7.7.8. Exporting appointments

You can export appointments in the iCalendar format. You can e.g. use this format to exchange appointments with other calendar applications. You can export single appointments or all appointments from a calendar.

How to export single appointments:

  1. Depending on the view, you have the following possibilities:

    • Click on an appointment in a calendar view.

      In the pop-up, click the More actions icon.

    • Select an appointment or multiple appointments in the list view.

      Click the More actions iconin the toolbar.

    Click the Export menu item. The Export selected window opens.

  2. Click on Export. Complete the entries.

How to export all appointments from a calendar:

  1. Select a personal or public address book in the folder view.

  2. Click the Actions iconnext to the folder name. Click on Export. The Export folder window opens.

  3. Click on Export. Complete the entries.

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