Data Organization and Shares

Sharing Data

10.2.3. Editing shares

The following options exist:

How to edit existing shares:

  1. In the folder view, select a folder that you shared.

  2. Click the Actions iconnext to the folder name. Click on Permissions / Invite people.

    In the Drive app, you can also click the Share icon in the toolbar. Click on Invite people.

    The window for adjusting the permissions opens.

  3. To edit the user roles or permissions, you have the following options:

    • To adjust a user role, click on the entry in Current role. Select an entry from the menu.

    • To adjust the permission details, click on the entry in Detailed access rights. Select a permission from the menu.


      • You cannot change the administrator permissions of a personal folder.

      • Permissions can not be changed for public links.

      • Guests only get read permissions. You can not change this permission.

  4. In order to add new persons, enter an E-Mail address in Add people. The E-Mail address will be added to the list as internal user, group or guest.


    • While entering the E-Mail address, several matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, click on it.

    • To select contacts from a list, click the Address book icon on the right side of the input field.

  5. Click on Save.

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