5.3. Viewing or Saving E-Mail Attachments

The file names of E-Mail attachments are displayed in the detail view. The following functions are available:

How to use the E-Mail attachment functions:

  1. Select an E-Mail with one or multiple attachments.

    To show a preview, click the Expand iconin the detail view. A preview of the attachments is displayed as square or list.

    To toggle the view, click the Squares icon or the List iconon the right side.

  2. To apply a function to all attachments, click on one of the buttons View, Download, Save in Drive next to the Attachment icon .

  3. In order to apply a function to a specific attachment, click on the attachment in the list view.

    To display an attachment in the Viewer, select the attachment in the squares view.

Note: Depending on the configuration, attachments are checked for viruses before being downloaded.

How to view all your E-Mails' attachments in the Drive app:

Note: Depending on the configuration, this function might not be available.

  1. Use one of the following methods:

    • Click on View in the toolbar. Click on All attachments.

    • Click on View all attachments in the folder view.

    The Drive app opens. The My attachments folder shows all attachments of all E-Mails that have been sent or received by you.

  2. You can use the Drive functions.

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