Viewing Emails

Learn how to select a specific email in a folder and display it in different ways in order to read it. An unread email will be marked as read by default as soon as selecting this email. You can change this behavior in the email settings.

How to display an email:

  1. Open an email folder in the folder view.

    When having selected the Inbox folder and if you are using email tabs, you can select a tab.

    To display the number of emails in a folder, hover over the folder name.

  2. Click on an email in the list view. The content of the email will be displayed in the detail view.

    • If you enable the Conversations option in the More options menu above the list view, all emails of a conversation will be shown as a list.

      To open or close an email that is part of a conversation, click on a free area next to the sender.

    • If the email includes a quote from a previous email, you can display the quote by clicking the Show quoted text icon .


Tip: In the email settings, you can define whether a notification sound is to be played for incoming emails.

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