5.2. Displaying E-Mails

By default, the content of the inbox is displayed. Other E-Mail folders can be opened by using the folder view. In the E-Mail settings, you can define whether a notification sound is to be played for incoming E-Mails.

How to display an E-Mail:

  1. Open an E-Mail folder in the folder view.

    When having selected the Inbox folder and if you are using E-Mail categories, you can select a category.

  2. Click an E-Mail in the list. The content of the E-Mail will be displayed in the detail view.

    • If the E-Mail is part of a conversation, all E-Mails in the conversation are displayed one below the other. To open or close an E-Mail that is part of a conversation, click on a free area between the sender and the date of receipt.

      To open or close all E-Mails in the conversation, click the Open/close all messages icon on the upper right side of the detail view.

    • If the E-Mail includes a quote from a previous E-Mail, you can display the quote by clicking the Show quoted text icon .


Note: Depending on the configuration, the content of very big E-Mails might be displayed incompletely. In this case, you will receive an E-Mail with a link. In order to completely display the E-Mail, click on the link.

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