Managing E-Mails

5.6.3. Marking E-Mails as read or unread

Unread E-Mails are marked with the Unread icon . The following options exist:

How to mark an E-Mail as unread or read:

  1. Select one or several E-Mails.

  2. Click the More actions icon in the toolbar. Click on Mark as unread in the menu. If the E-Mail is part of a conversation, all messages received for this conversation are marked as unread.

    You can also use one of the following methods:

    • Use the More actions icon in the detail view.

    • Click the Read icon. The icon changes to the Unread icon.

    • Use the context menu in the E-Mail list.

  3. In order to mark this E-Mail as read, analogously do the same.

Tip: To mark all E-Mails in a folder as read, click on All above the list. Select Mark all E-Mails as read.

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