Managing E-Mails

5.6.13. Archiving E-Mails

When archiving E-Mails, those E-Mails are moved to the Archive folder. The Archive folder contains a separate subfolder for each calendar year. The archived E-Mails are saved to those subfolders sorted by the year of receipt. The Archive folder is created as soon as you initially use this function. The following options exist:

How to archive an E-Mail folder's content:

  1. Select an E-Mail folder in the folder view.

  2. You have the following options:

    • Click on All above the list. Select Archive all messages.

    • Click the Actions iconnext to the folder name. Click on Archive all messages.

  3. In the Archive messages window click on Archive.

Result: All E-Mails that are older than 90 days are moved to the archive folder.

How to archive single E-Mails:

  1. Select one or several E-Mails.

  2. Click the Archive icon in the toolbar.

    You can also use one of the following methods:

    • Press the [a] key on the keyboard.

    • Use the context menu in the E-Mail list.

Result: The E-Mails are moved to the Archive folder.

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