Sending E-Mails

5.4.3. Selecting sender address

If sending an E-Mail, you can set the sender address to be shown to the recipient, in the E-Mail editing window.

How to select your sender address:

  1. Click on the sender address next to From: in the E-Mail editing window. A menu opens.

  2. If you have set up external E-Mail accounts, you can use those addresses as sender addresses. Select an E-Mail address from the list.

    Note: Depending on the folder selected, a defined sender address will be preset.

  3. You can define the name to be displayed with your E-Mail addresses. To do so, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on Edit name. The Edit real names window opens. The names that are preset in the account settings are displayed.

    2. Enable the checkbox of the name that you want to edit. Edit the name. Click on Save.

    In order to display the sender addresses without names, disable Show names.

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