5.11. Adding Email Accounts

As default, you use your primary email account in the groupware. If you use further email accounts like e.g. GMail, you can add those accounts to the groupware. This allows you to access those accounts' emails from within the groupware.

How to add an email account:

  1. Click the More actions icon next to New email. Click on Add email account.

    You can also click the Settings icon in the menu bar. Click on Add email account.

    The Add Mail Account window opens.

  2. Click an icon. The further procedure depends on the email account provider.

    • For some providers, a new browser window opens. Log in with your credentials to grant access to the email account.

    • If the provider asks you for the permission to access the data, grant this permission.

    • For some providers, enter your credentials in the Add Mail Account window. Then, click on Add.

    You can also manually enter the required data by clicking on Manually.

  3. If the emails in this account are also to be shown in the Unified Mail folder, enable Use unified mail for this account.

    Note: Depending on the configuration, this function might not be available.

An entry for the email account appears in the folder view. The entry contains this account's email folders.

You can read this account's emails but depending on the configuration, you might not be able to send emails from this account.

If the access to the email account fails, a warning icon will be displayed next to email account's name. Depending on the email provider, you will get troubleshooting notes when clicking the warning icon.

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