First Steps

2.1. Groupware Definition

Learn which applications are part of the groupware. Get an initial insight into the tasks that can be accomplished using the applications.


Your information centre for scheduled appointments, new E-Mails or messages from messaging platforms.

Learn more: Portal


Send, receive and organize your E-Mails.

Learn more: E-Mail

Address Book

Organize and maintain your private and business contacts.

Learn more: Address Book


Keep an overview of your private and business appointments.

Learn more: Calendar


Schedule and organize your activities.

Learn more: Tasks


Use the file store to centrally manage information or to share information with others.

Learn more: Drive

Folders and permissions

Folders and their permissions play an important role in exchanging information with other users. Each groupware object is saved in a specific folder. The folder view helps to manage folders and permissions.

Learn more: Data Organization and Shares

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