Managing Tasks

Using categories for tasks

To organize tasks independently from folders, you can use categories.

You can create, edit or delete own categories, see Managing Categories.

How to mark tasks with a category:

  1. Select a task. Click the Edit contact icon in the toolbar.

    The task editing window opens.

  2. To do so, click on Add category next to Categories. Select a category.

    In order to remove a category from the task, click the Remove category icon next to the category.

How to display tasks that have been marked with a specific category:

  1. Select a task that has been marked with a category.

  2. Click on the category in the detail view.


  • The list view shows all tasks that have been marked with this category.

  • To display the previous list, click the Cancel search icon in the search field.

Tip: As an alternative you can use the search.

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