Managing Appointments

7.7.3. Changing the organizer

You can change the organizer of the appointment or series if the appointment has at least two participants. You can not change the organizer for the following appointments:

Note: Depending on the configuration, this function might not be available.

How to change an appointment's organizer:

  1. Depending on the view, you have the following possibilities:

    • Click on an appointment in a calendar view.

      In the pop-up, click the More actions icon.

    • Select an appointment or multiple appointments in the list view.

      Click the More actions icon in the toolbar.

    Click on Change organizer in the menu.

  2. When having selected a recurring appointment, set whether the changes should be applied to the single occurrence to for the complete series.

  3. Enter the new organizer's E-Mail address in the Change organizer window.

    Note: External participants can not be set as organizer.

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