Data Security

Using Application Passwords

In addition to your groupware login method, you can use additional application passwords that are limited for certain apps and devices. This method has the following advantages:

The following options exist:

How to use application passwords:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the menu bar. Click on All settings.

    The Settings window opens.

  2. Click on Application Passwords.

  3. In the Application drop-down below Add passwords, select the app for which you want to add a password.

    Enter a name for the new password in Password name. This name is later used for displaying the app's credentials.

  4. Click on Add new password.

    The Password Created window opens. It shows the user name for the login and an automatically created password. You can use those credentials to sign in to the selected app.


    • This password is only valid for the selected app.

    • This password will only be displayed once. As soon as you close the window, you can no longer display the password.

  5. To delete a password for a specific app, identify the password below Existing passwords. Click the Delete icon next to the password.

    To sign in to this app in the future, either use your groupware credentials or again create a password for this app.

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