Creating Appointments

Scheduling audio/video conferences

Prerequisite: You have set up an account with an audio or video conference provider.

How to schedule an audio/video conference in the appointment editing window:

  1. Click on the Conference field. The available providers will be displayed. Select a provider.

    A link will be displayed that can be used by the participants to join the conference. To enable participants to take part in the conference by phone, a dial-in number will be displayed.

  2. You can copy the link or dial-in number in order to be found more easily by the participants:

    • To copy the link to the Location field, click on Copy to location field.

    • To copy the link to the clipboard, click on Copy to clipboard.

    • To copy the dial-in numbers to the appointment description, click on Add details to appointment description.

A participant can join the conference by clicking on the link or by using a dial-in number by phone.

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