Creating Appointments

7.4.8. Using the scheduling view

When scheduling an appointment with several participants or resources, the Scheduling view shows free and busy time periods for the users and resources.

How to use the scheduling view for creating appointments:

  1. You have the following possibilities to open the scheduling view:

    • To use the scheduling view before creating a new appointment, click on Scheduling in the toolbar. The Scheduling page opens.

    • To use the scheduling view while creating a new appointment or editing an existing appointment, click on Find a free time in the appointment editing window. The Scheduling window opens.

  2. Enter a participant's or resource's name in Participants. Tips:

    • While entering the E-Mail address, several matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, use one of the following methods:

      • Use the scrollbar to browse the list. Click on a suggestion.

      • Use the cursor keys to select a suggestion. Press Enter.

    • To select contacts from an address book, click the Address book icon on the right side of the input field.

    The appointments of the participant or resource are displayed in the calendar sheet.

    You can save the participants as distribution list. To do so, select Save as distribution list below the list.

  3. Search for a free time in the calendar. Use the following methods:

    • To set a time range, click on the date on the upper left side. You can also use the browse icons

    • To set the display size of the calendar sheet, use the control elements on the upper right side.

    • To set the Week or Month date range, enable the respective entries in the Options drop-down.

    • Use the Options menu to adjust the view in the calendar sheet.

    • To adjust the visible part of the time range, use the scrollbar below the calendar sheet.

  4. Define the appointment's start and end by using one of the following options:

    • In the calendar sheet drag open an area ranging from the beginning to the end of the new appointment.

      If pressing the [Alt] key before releasing the mouse button, the appointment's start and end date are entered on the appointment editing page.

    • To set the appointment's duration to one hour, click on the wanted time.

    Depending on how you opened the scheduling view, either click on Create appointment or on Accept changes to finish the process. The appointment editing window will be displayed.

  5. Complete the details for creating or editing the appointment.

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